Ther mally Conductive Bonding Epoxy

Key Features

● Good thermalconductivity,Dissipation of heat from components

● 1:1 mixing rate,Ease to use

● Thixotropic,No flow during cure

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Product Description

ELINBOND E104 TWIN PACK is a two component room temperature  curing  thermally  conductive  epoxy  adhesive designed specifically to bond to the widest variety of materials.

This two-part adhesive develops strong, durable bonds at room temperature which improve heat transfer while maintaining electrical insulation. Its low coefficient of thermal expansion provides a good match for those materials over a fairly wide temperature range. Fully cured ELINBOND E104 provides excellent resistance to salt solutions, mild acids and alkalis, and many other chemicals including petroleum solvents, lubricating oils, and alcohol.

ELINBOND E104 TWIN PACK is supplied in two squeeze tubes (Parts A & B) and a mixing stick. Equal volumes of each component are squeezed out side by side and then blended.


ELINBOND E104 contains no solvent, volatiles or corrosive matter. Substrates may be porous or non porous. Materials which may be bonded with LINBOND E104 include aluminum, steel, stainless steel, copper brass, black iron, wood, porcelain, brick, paper products, PVC, PVDC, polycarbonate, neoprene, cellulose acetate, hardboard, most plated surfaces and surface treated teflon, polyethylene and polypropylene. LINBOND E104 is well suited to a wide variety of maintenance and production applications.

ELINBOND E104 is generally accepted as the ideal adhesive for piping applications involving metal and plastic pipe. This single adhesive replaces solder on copper and brass pipe, solvent adhesives on plastic pipe and brazing on stainless steel pipe. The greatest virtue, however, is that it may be used to bond all of these different types of pipe in any combination such as plastic to copper, copper to stainless, etc.

Instructions For Use

Thoroughly read the information concerning health and safety contained in this bulletin before using. Observe all precautionary statements that appear on the product label and/or contained in individual Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS).

To ensure the long term performance of the potted or encapsulated electrical / electronic assembly, complete cleaning of components and substrates should be performed to remove contamination such as dust, moisture, salt, and oils which can cause electrical failure, poor adhesion or corrosion in part. Wash metal surfaces with solvent or detergent. Plastic surfaces should be lightly sanded.

Squeeze out equal lengths of ELINBOND E104 Part A and ELINBOND E104 Part B side by side on a piece of paper. Use the mixing stick and blend together until uniform in texture and colour.

Apply the blended material to both surfaces and mate. (Important: for piping applications, apply to pipe and socket. Rotate the pipe quarter turn during engagement). Only contact pressure is required. Allow about four hours for initial set at room temperature (25°C). Full cure will develop over the following 24 hours. Cure may be accelerated by using moderate heat.


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