Arcylic Systems

UV curing adhesives cure in seconds at room temperature upon exposure to UV light.E-linking fast curing, single component UV curable adhesives, sealants, coatings, potting and encapsulation compounds speed productivity and efficiency. They offer excellent adhesion to glass, metals, ceramics, rubber and most plastics. These one part products require no mixing and eliminate waste.
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  • UV Adhesives

  • UV Potting Compounds

  • Dual (Heat/UV) Cure Systems

  • Form-in-Place Gaskets

  • Scratch Resistant Coatings

Advantages of E-linking UV Curable Compounds

  • Extremely fast processing time

  • Formulated in rigid, semi-flexible and flexible grades

  • Available in syringe applicators

  • Environmentally safe, no emittance of volatiles or vapors

  • Prolonged storage at room temperatures

Features and Properties of UV Curing Systems

As with all products in the E-linking family, specific grades vary in viscosity, hardness, thermal and electrical properties, but can be customized to fit your application needs.

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