Custom Formulated Adhesives, Sealants & Coatings

E-linking custom formulates compounds to exact performance and processing requirements.

E-linking will custom formulate products with specific performance properties to meet unique application requirements. This may include the redesign of an existing product or the development of a new composition. We also offer replacements for competitors’ discontinued products.

Performance Properties of E-linking’s Custom Formulations

E-linking can adjust an adhesive's properties to ensure optimal performance for your application. Our compounds can be reformulated to enhance the following properties:

  • Chemical resistance

  • Resistance to high & low temperatures

  • Mechanical properties

  • Optical properties

  • Electrical properties

  • Viscosity

  • Cure schedules

  • Hardness

Over 3,000 Grades of Specially Designed Adhesive Formulations

E-linking’s product line includes over 3,000 different grades of advanced formulations. We will recommend a specific grade that provides the perfect solution for your application needs. These products are designed to solve a variety of design, manufacturing and repair/maintenance problems. They can increase productivity, reduce waste, save energy and improve your product’s performance.


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