Adhesive for Photovoltaics

E-linking adhesive systems can be specially formulated to meet the specific requirements of PV manufacturers.Worldwide Photovoltaics manufacturers rely on E-linking structural adhesives, porosity sealants, potting compounds to meet advanced requirements. Both one and two component epoxy and silicone systems are available for use. These value added products minimize wear/friction, prevent corrosion, withstand high/low temperatures and rain. Systems offer fast fixture speeds and can be robotically dispensed.



Markets for E-linking adhesives and sealants in PV applications

E-linking tough, durable, high peel strength, vibration resistant compounds are presently employed in the assembly of PV for:

  • Electrically conductive bonding

  • Fram sealing

  • Potting

Most Popular Products for PV


Electrically Conductive Bonding Adhesive.Thixotropic, Low flow during cure; low volume resistivity, Excellent electrical conductivity; Fast curing, High output.

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