Flexible Divider Pouch Packaging

FlexiPak™ is a two part flexible divider pouch containing premeasured amounts of unmixed resin and hardener.E-linking’s FlexiPak™ is a two part flexible divider pouch. It is a reliable and durable form of packaging, offering precise mixing and easy application. Mainly employed for manufacturing and field use, these pouches are ideal for bonding, sealing, coating and potting applications.

Advantages of a FlexiPak™

  • Premeasured for consistent results and ease of use

  • Available in a wide variety of sizes (1 gram to 250 grams)

  • Easy to mix

  • No mess, easy cleanup

  • Perfect for field applications

Instructions for Using a FlexiPak™

  1. Open protective outer packaging

  2. Remove clip and separator rod

  3. Knead until thoroughly mixed

  4. Cut corner off pouch

  5. Dispense and apply to substrates for bonding (plastic separator rod doubles as a convenient applicator)

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