Adhesive systems for Camera Modules & Image Sensors

E-Linking's Advanced formulations are ideal for the assembly of camera modules and image sensor

Image sensors are devices that are integrated into digital cameras, cell phones and other handheld devices where functionality dictates image capture capability. Image processors such as digital light processors (DLPs) are incorporated into projectors, televisions and, now, even into cell phones.

Like all electronics, the trend in image sensor technology is the drive toward miniaturization and also combines requirements for automatic focus and consumer affordability. From a materials point of view, image sensor assembly processes call for adhesives that offer low temperature and fast cure, precise position and bondline control, and, in some cases, UV and transparency properties.  Through the use of rheology control and filler technology, unique adhesives have been designed to address the emerging requirements of image sensor assembly.

Most Popular Products for Camera Modules & Image Sensors

ELINBOND A801One component,Ease of use

Excellent adhesion,bonding to a wide variety of substrates

Excellent compressive/tensile strength properties,Quick speed processing

Fast cure 

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