Die Attach Epoxy Adhesives

E-linking die attach adhesive grades include electrically conductive, thermally conductive and electrically insulative systems.E-linking's advanced die attach adhesives are increasingly accepted for demanding microelectronic semiconductor packaging as well as for chip on board assemblies. They offer outstanding bond strength for adhering components directly onto printed circuitry. These systems are presently employed in the assembly of many critical electrical devices used in commercial, military, space and medical applications.

Types of Die Attach Epoxies

E-linking die attach adhesives are available in one component heat curing formulations and premixed and frozen compositions. Fast curing, two component systems are also obtainable for special uses. For certain optoelectronic requirements unique UV curable compounds are employed as they offer unmatched curing speeds and higher productivity.

Outstanding Physical Properties of Die Attach Adhesives

Our high performance die attach compounds have many advantages, including:

  • Excellent resistance to thermal cycling

  • Mechanical shock and vibration resistant

  • 100% reactive; they do not contain any volatiles

  • Dimensional stability

  • Low ionic impurities

  • Adhesion to mismatched coefficients of thermal expansion

  • Adjustable volume resistivity

Die Attach Compounds Come in Convenient Packaging

These high performance epoxies can be readily dispensed by syringes and other conventional devices as well as by specialized printing technologies.

Most Popular Products for Switch

ELINBOND  A108Low CTE,low stress

Excellent adhesion,Structural bonding to a wide variety of substrates

UV Cure,Quick speed UV processing

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