Two part Arcylic

UV coatings provide outstanding scratch resistance and excellent adhesion to plastic substrates.E-linking supplies a line of UV curable coatings that offer superior scratch resistance. These hardcoats are designed to protect optically clear plastic substrates. They feature high resistance to common chemicals, staining and long-term durability. Products have superior light transmission properties, low haze and excellent weatherability.

Using UV Curable Scratch Resistant Coatings with Plastics

These compounds exhibit fast cures and superior adhesion to:

  • Polycarbonates

  • Polymethylmethacrylates

  • Polyvinylchlorides

  • Other plastic substrates

User friendly, these compounds have low viscosity, contain no solvents and cure tack free. They can be applied by:

  • brushing

  • dipping

  • spraying

  • spin coating

  • flow coating

These formulations are commonly applied to:

  • Safety glasses and visors

  • Automotive headlamps and fog lamp lenses

  • Touchscreen displayes

  • Membrane switches

Check out our line of abrasion resistant epoxies that protect against wear and corrosion in industrial environments.

E-linking’s Most Popular UV Curable Scratch Resistant System

ELINBOND A108UV curable, nanosilica filled system with excellent abrasion resistance. Easy to apply and fast room temperature curing upon exposure to UV light. Excellent optical clarity.

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