Adhesives for Display Assembly

E-linking compounds are formulated to enhance product performance for display assemblies.Special E-Linking systems are used in the assembly of displays, screens and monitors. They include UV curable, Heat curable and ambient temperature curable adhesives, sealants and coatings . These compounds feature superb optical clarity, non-yellowing properties, high bond strength and excellent durability. They also provide protection against moisture and speed productivity.

Advantages of E-linking Adhesives/Sealants for the Display Industry

From LCDs to plasma displays to OLEDs, E-Linking compounds are formulated to enhance product performance and offer: 

    • Fast curing

    • Flexibility

    • High bond strength to many substrates including glass and plastics

    • Exceptional light transmission properties

    • Low stress

    • Non-yellowing

    • Solvent free

    • Withstand thermal cycling

    • Resist solvent exposure

E-Linking adhesives/sealants are used in numerous applications including:

    • E-books

    • Navigation systems

    • Mobile phones

    • Games

    • LCD monitors

    • Tablets

    • Laptops

    • Outdoor Signage

Most Popular Products for Composite Applications Display Assembly

ELINOPTO E131Halogen Free, High Strength Epoxy Adhesive. Excellent resistance to water permeation, Extended life time of E-paper, OLED display; Very fast thermal cure at temperatures below 80°C, Energy saving ans low damage to devices; One component, No mixing required, easy to use.
ELINOPTO  E106-5Optically Clear, Two Component Epoxy Adhesive. Optical clarity,Bonding of transparent materials; Long pot-life, Ease of use and less waste; General purpose, Bonds well to glass, metal and plastic substrates.

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