Surface Mount Adhesive Systems

E-linking surface mount epoxies feature rapid curing, strong bonds and excellent physical properties.Avoid inadequate adhesive cure, void problems, dot slumping and inconsistent dot size with E-linking surface mount adhesives. They feature superior “green” strength to hold parts in position until cure commences. Developed for both wave soldering and reflow soldering processes these compounds are easy to dispense and have excellent electrical properties.

Performance Properties of E-linking’s Surface Mount Adhesives

Some of the most important performance properties are:

  • Thermal conductivity

  • Consistent dot profile

  • Low ionic impurities

  • Void filling

  • Withstand thermal stress

  • No stringing

  • Color coded as required

Common Applications Featuring E-linking’s Surface Mount Epoxies

E-linking’s one and two component surface mount adhesives are employed in various high tech applications, some of which include:

  • Chip on board assemblies

  • Analog devices

  • X-ray and imaging equipment

  • Electro-optical sensory devices

Most Popular Products for Ultrasonic


One component, Ease of use  

Very high trength,Provides structural bonding to a wide variety of substrates

Non-sag paste,No flow or sag even on vertical surfaces

ELINBOND   E119Thixotropic ,No flow during cure

One component,Ease of use

High flexibility,low-stress adhesive


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