Adhesives for Aerospace and Defense Electronics

E-linking adhesive systems have enhanced electrical properties that make them well suited for devices and machinery in the aerospace and defense industry.We offer an extensive variety of high performance adhesives, sealants, coatings, potting and encapsulation compounds for aerospace and defense electronic applications. Technologically advanced formulations are designed to withstand high and low temperature exposure, vibration, impact, chemicals and thermal cycling. Additionally, specific grades are NASA low outgassing approved and meet the requirements of UL 94V-0 for flame retardancy.

Types of E-linking Compounds for the Aerospace and Defense Electronic Industry

From sensors and heat transfer devices to guidance and communication systems, E-linking products offer reliable solutions to challenging specifications. Our formulations include:

  • Electrically conductive systems

  • Thermally conductive pastes

  • Electrically insulative pastes

  • Conformal coatings

  • Potting compounds

  • Underfill encapsulants

Properties of Compounds for Aerospace and Defense Electronic Applications

Epoxy, silicone, polyurethane, polysulfide and UV cure systems are available to meet specific end use requirements. These include:

  • Low coefficient of thermal expansion (CTE)

  • Low stress

  • Cryogenic serviceability

  • Ultra low moisture absorption

  • Special flow properties

  • High glass transition temperature (Tg)

  • Low outgassing

  • High purity

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