Electrically Conductive Materials

E-Linking electrically conductive adhesive are custom formulated to meet your requirements.One and two component, silver filled, electrically conductive compounds feature low volume resistivity and high reliability. They offer excellent physical strength properties, superior substrate adhesion and uniform electrical conductivity. They are often used as replacements for solder.

Advanced Properties of E-Linking Conductive  Adhesive Systems

E-Linking conductive adhesives are designed to meet specific performance requirements. Certain grades offer:

  • Serviceability at high and low temperatures

  • Low stress

  • High shear and peel strength

  • Resistance to thermal cycling

  • Low outgassing

Applications of Electrically Conductive Systems

These products are commonly employed in the automotive, medical, appliance, electronic, electrical, microwave, aerospace and electro-optic industries. Specific applications include:

  • Die attach

  • SMD attach

  • EMI/RFI shielding

  • Grounding

  • Solder replacement

  • Flip chip attachments

  • PCB repair






Most Popular Products for Conducting Materials

ELINDUCT A301MLow Temperature Curing,Conductive Die Attach Adhesive. Thixotropic, Low flow during cure; Excellent electric properties, Reliable electronic assemblies; Fast curing at low temperature, High output and low stress.
ELINDUCT E323Ultra High thermal Conductivity, Die Attach Adhesive. Thixotropic, Excellent Dispensability; High strength, High reliability; High thermal conductivity, Provides a conductive heat path.
ELINDUCT E313-2Electrically Conductive Bonding Adhesive.Thixotropic, Low flow during cure; low volume resistivity, Excellent electrical conductivity; Fast curing, High output.

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