UV Curable Adhesive And Sealant

Key Features

● Low CTE,low stress

● Excellent adhesion,Structural bonding to a wide variety of substrates

● UV Cure,Quick speed UV processing

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Product Description

ELINOPTO A209 is a one component,UV curable, thixotropic paste adhesive and sealant. It bonds well to glass and plastic substrates like ABS, PET, PVC. ELINOPTO A209 cures rapidly to form toughness bonds when exposed to ultraviolet light of sufficient irradiance. It features low shrinkage , good mechanical stability and good electrical insulation. ELINOPTO A209 can be syringe dispensed to form a high profile sealant bead at the metal / plastic interface.


ELINOPTO A209 is primarily designed for bonding a wide variety of substrates including glass, many plastics and most metals. It is well suited for LED mounting, laser diode packaging and transceiver active alignment.

Instructions For Use

Thoroughly read the information concerning health and safety contained in this bulletin before using. Observe all precautionary statements that appear on the product label and/or contained in individual Material Safety >Data Sheets (MSDS) To ensure the long term performance of the bonded assembly, complete cleaning of the substrates should be performed to remove contamination such as oxide layers, dust, moisture, salt, and oils which can cause poor adhesion or corrosion in a bonded part. For information on proper substrate preparation, refer to the reprint “Good Adhesive Bonding Starts with Surface Preparation” available from E- LINKING Co., Ltd

This product is light sensitive; exposure to daylight, UV light and artificial lighting should be kept to a minimum during storage and handling. The product should be dispensed from applicators with black feedlines. Cooling  should  be  provided  for temperature  sensitive  substrates  such  as thermoplastics. Plastic grades should be checked for risk of stress cracking when exposed to liquid adhesive. 

Excess uncured adhesive can be wiped away with organic solvent (e.g. Acetone). Bonds should be allowed to cool before subjecting to any service loads. Apply the adhesive to all surfaces to be bonded and join together. In most applications only contact pressure is required.


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Discuss your application  Request a Technical Data Sheet  Request an MSDS

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