Adhesives for Bonding Ceramic Substrates

E-linking adhesives feature enhanced performance properties for bonding ceramic substrates.An extensive variety of one and two component adhesive systems are available to bond ceramic substrates. They offer high strength bonds in adhering ceramic to ceramic substrates and ceramic to dissimilar substrates. Specific grades feature high and low temperature serviceability, outstanding chemical resistance and fast cures.

Types of Adhesives for Bonding Ceramic Substrates

E-linking adhesive systems offer different performance and processing properties to meet specific requirements. They are available in the following chemistries:

  • Epoxies

  • Silicones

  • Polyurethanes

  • Polysulfides

  • Cyanoacrylates

  • UV cures

For more information on bonding ceramic substrates please read our recommended surface preparation procedure.

Frequently, ceramics are bonded to dissimilar substrates. When exposed to thermal cycling, the use of a flexible adhesive is often recommended. This type of compound will be better able to compensate for the different coefficients of expansion and contraction encountered during service.

Enhanced Performance Properties of Adhesives for Ceramic Substrates

  • High peel strength

  • Low outgassing

  • Cryogenic serviceability

  • Optical clarity

  • High glass transition temperature (Tg)

  • Low stress

  • Solvent resistance

Most Popular Products for Ceramics

ELINOPTO A209UV curable ashesive and sealant. Low CTE, low stress; Excellent adhesion, structural bonding to a wide variety of substrates; UV Cure, quick speed UV processing.


Optically Clear, Two Component Epoxy Adhesive. Optical clarity,Bonding of transparent materials; Long pot-life, Ease of use and less waste; General purpose, Bonds well to glass, metal and plastic substrates.

ELINBOND S109Thixotropic,No flow during cure

One component,Ease of use

High flexibility,Low-stress adhesive

ELINBOND E107HFHalogen Free, High Strength Epoxy Adhesive.Sag resistance,No flow during cure even on vertical surface; Halogen free,Environment friendly,High hot strength, Structural bonds at elevated temperatures.
ELINOPTO S303Strong adhesion,High reliability

High  Refractive index,Enhance LED lumen

No yellowing due to heat and UV light,ong-life LED

ELINBOND  E103One component, Ease of use  

Very high trength,Provides structural bonding to a wide variety of substrates

Non-sag paste,No flow or sag even on vertical surfaces

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