Fiber Optics Adhesive Systems

E-linking’s fiber optic compounds are available in a range of refractive indices and are easy to apply.E-linking offers an extensive line of epoxies and UV curing systems for use in fiber optics devices. These products provide superior bonding strength and excellent optical clarity. E-linking’s adhesives contain no potentially objectionable contaminants and exhibit excellent resistance to corrosion and adverse environmental conditions.

Applications of E-linking’s Fiber Optics Adhesive Systems

E-linking fiber optics compounds are used as adhesives, sealants and   coatings in different fiber optics devices. Common applications include:

  • Sealing fibers into ferrules

  • Bonding optical fibers into connectors

  • Potting fiber bundles

  • Bonding fiber optic bundles into ferrules

  • Splices and field repairs

  • V-groove array assemblies

Advantages and Important Adhesive Selection Criteria for Fiber Optic Systems

  • Long pot life

  • High glass transition temperature

  • NASA low outgassing approved

  • Low shrinkage

  • Superior optical transmission

  • 1,000 hours of exposure to 85°F/85% humidity

  • Dual Cure (UV/heat curable) systems

Environmentally friendly, solvent free systems

Most Popular Products for Fiber Optics

ELINOPTO E203loading
ELINOPTO A209UV curable ashesive and sealant. Low CTE, low stress; Excellent adhesion, structural bonding to a wide variety of substrates; UV Cure, quick speed UV processing.

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