Low curing temperature, One Component Epoxy Adhesive And Sealant

Key Features

● One component,Ease of use

● Excellent dielectric properties,Reliable electronic assemblies

● Fast curing at low temperature,High output and low Energy consumption

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Product Description

ELINBOND E113 is a one part, heat curable epoxy. This product is designed to cure at low temperature and gives excellent adhesion on a wide range of materials in considerably short time. Particularly suited where low curing temperatures are required for heat sensitive components.


ELINBOND E113 is recommended for structure bonding,  lip sealing, small gap filling and die/IC protecting.  Typical  applications  include Memory cards, CCD/CMOS Assemblies.

Instructions For Use

Thoroughly read the information concerning health and safety contained in this bulletin before using. Observe all precautionary statements that appear on the product label and/or contained inindividual Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS).

To ensure the long term performance of the bonded  assembly,  complete  cleaning  of  the substrates  should  be  performed  to remove contamination such as oxide layers, dust, moisture, salt, and oils which can cause poor adhesion or corrosion in a bonded part. For information on propersubstrate preparation, refer to the reprint "Good Adhesive Bonding Starts with Surface Preparation" available from E-Linking. 

Before use on dispensing equipment, allow encapsulant to be warmed to room temperature (ideally 20-25°C). Thaw epoxy by placing the syringe in a vertical (upright) position with dispense tip facing downward in an ambient environment. Consult handling instructions for specific guidelines. 

Apply epoxy by pneumatic-powered syringe or by coating with a disposable applicator. Do not use for coating masses larger than 25 grams. Apply the adhesive to all surfaces to be bonded and join together. In most applications only contact pressure is required.


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Discuss your application  Request a Technical Data Sheet  Request an MSDS

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