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One part Arcylic
  • One part Arcylic
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    • Product Name:One part Arcylic
    • Product Number:One part Arcylic
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  • UV Curable Scratch Resistant Coatings

    Master Bond UV Curable Scratch Resistant CoatingsUV coatings provide outstanding scratch resistance and excellent adhesion to plastic substrates.Master Bond supplies a line of UV curable coatings that offer superior scratch resistance. These hardcoats are designed to protect optically clear plastic substrates. They feature high resistance to common chemicals, staining and long-term durability. Products have superior light transmission properties, low haze and excellent weatherability.

    Using UV Curable Scratch Resistant Coatings with Plastics

    These compounds exhibit fast cures and superior adhesion to:

      • Polycarbonates

      • Polymethylmethacrylates

      • Polyvinylchlorides

      • Other plastic substrates

    User friendly, these compounds have low viscosity, contain no solvents and cure tack free. They can be applied by:

      • brushing

      • dipping

      • spraying

      • spin coating

      • flow coating

    These formulations are commonly applied to:

      • Safety glasses and visors

      • Automotive headlamps and fog lamp lenses

      • Touchscreen displayes

      • Membrane switches


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