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UV Curable
  • UV Curable
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  • Dual Curing Adhesive Systems

    Dual Curing Adhesive CompoundsUV dual cure systems are solvent free and have the ability to cure in concealed areas at low temperatures.Master Bond’s dual curing compounds cure both upon exposure to UV light and upon exposure to heat. These adhesives, sealants and coatings are applied to assemblies where complete UV curing is either too difficult or impossible to achieve, such as applications with complex geometries and concealed, “shadowed out” areas.

    Master Bond Cationic and Free Radical Dual Cure Systems

    Master Bond’s extensive line of dual cure systems includes products with many different chemistries, including:

      • Epoxies

      • Epoxy acrylates

      • Urethane acrylates

      • Polyester alloys

    Easy Curing Process of Master Bond’s Dual Curing Adhesives

    These products offer easy application and incredibly fast cures. The exposed areas of dual curing adhesives can cure in a few seconds when UV light is applied and the hidden areas cure in about 20 minutes upon exposure to heat. These systems are not inhibited by air and no solvents or vapors are released during the curing process.


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